The ExeCom of the Mindanao PAMB Network meets for the first time


Mindanao PAMB Network ExeCom

Cagayan de Oro City—The Mindanao PAMB Network Executive Committee (ExeCom) members were presented and took their oath during the Third Mindanao PAMB Conference. The ExeCom are representatives from different regions and selected through the nomination of all PAMBs in their region and formalized during the Regional PAMB Conferences. The composition of the ExeCom of the Mindanao PAMB Network resembles a PAMB ExeCom where representatives from the LGUs, IPs, POs, NGOs, Academe and other government comprise the ExeCom.  Like the usual PAMB ExeCom, it is chaired by the DENR Regional Executive Director. The current chair of the Executive Committee of the Network is DENR region 10.

The first meeting of the ExeCom has tackled the accomplishment of the Network and especially noted successful work of the Technical Working Group. The meeting also put into focus the sustainability of the Network.

First Mindanao PAMB Network ExeCom Meeting

Of the many decisions the ExeCom had, there are three most related to the sustainability and the work ahead. First was to maintain the Technical Working Group of the Network to support the ExeCom in all the works of the network including the preparation of the 4th Mindanao PAMB Network Conference and for the continuing exchange of expertise and learnings among PAMBs. Second was preparation of documents and endorsement to the Central Office of the DENR and request for institutionalization of the Network and support for all its activities. Along with effort to gain support from the DENR Central Office is the continuing commitment of the DENR regional offices to support the network. The third was to seek various support from other agencies and LGUs to continue the exchange of learning and the conduct of Mindanao PAMB Conference as already agreed in the plenary.

The Mindanao PAMB Network Executive Committee will again meet on 24 January 2019 at General Santos City.

October 10, 2018


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